ATMs For Hotels, Motels & Hostels

Convenient For Guests, Profitable For Properties

Having an ATM in your hotel lobby or business center offers a secure and convenient way for guests to withdraw cash and creates a new source of recurring revenue for your property. To explore the various ATM options for your hotel, schedule a consultation with ACME ATM

As the owner or manager of a bar or club, you know that nothing can slow down bartenders more than customers paying with credit cards. While many people don’t carry cash these days, installing an on-site ATM is an easy way to make cash more accessible for your patrons and create a new source of income for your business.

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Hotel ATM Provider

Hotels Are One Of The Best Places To Put An ATM

Hotels are among the most lucrative locations for ATMs. Whether you own a hostel catering to travelers or a large property with various amenities like a bar, restaurant, and spa, your guests will likely need access to cash at some point. Regardless of the type of property you operate, adding an ATM brings benefits, including more cash being spent on at the hotel, an additional income stream, and lower credit card fees.

Florida ATM Services

Turnkey ATM Solutions For Hotels & Resorts

If you’re interested in placing an ATM in your establishment, we can help you get it done. If you’d like to purchase a machine or machines outright, we have plenty of models in stock and ready to ship that can be up and running in about a week.  We also provide free ATMs for bars and clubs through our partnership programs. No matter which model you choose, they are both designed to create recurring revenue for your business.

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Featured ATM Machines For Hotels

Browse A Few Of Our Featured ATM Machines

Here are some of the best ATM solutions for commercial properties and shops.  Speak to an ATM expert today to discuss your property and we’ll put together an ATM strategy designed for you.

Genmega G2500 Best Value and Most Versatile in the Industry View Genmega G2500
Genmega Onyx Premium Elegance, Sophisticated Style View Genmega Onyx
Genmega Nova Genmega’s Newest State of The Art Design Genmega Nova ATM
Onyx-W Maximizing Space, Enhancing Convenience View Hyosung NH-2700CE
The Benefits Of Installing An ATM

New Revenue Streams Without New Overhead

Elevate your hospitality property by installing ATMs in high-traffic zones. Generate residual income effortlessly through a partnership with ACME ATM today.

Resorts & Spas Make it easier for your guests and members to take out cash for their spa services, tipping employees and staff, and on-site shopping.
Hotels & Motels Whether your guests are visiting from out-of-state or out-of-country, they’ll appreciate easy, affordable access to cash.
Restaurants, Bars, & Casinos Make it easy for your nightly patrons to access cash while also drawing in new guests for your establishment with an ATM.

Speak To A Member Of Our Team

Ready to move forward? Our team is here to address all your questions regarding starting an ATM business, setting up an ATM at your location, forming partnerships with ACME, and any other questions you might have.

Partner With ACME ATM Today

Think Of Us As Your ATM Concierge

Installing an ATM at your bar or club offers a range of benefits for both you and your customers. Make it more convenient for your customers to access cash, make it easier for your bartenders to serve customers, and create new residual revenue streams from the fees associated with ATM usage. Best of all, we take care of everything from the installation to the day-to-day management of your ATMs so that all you’ll need to do is cash your monthly residual income checks.

  • New ATM to match your aesthetics
  • Reduce credit card fees
  • Around the clock availability
  • Monthly passive income

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ATM Solutions

ATM Solutions For Every Industry

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the most common questions we hear from our clients and partners about placing ATMs in commercial properties and shopping malls. Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives about your location’s specifics.

How Much Cash Can A Hotel ATM Hold?

The amount of cash your ATM holds will really be up to you and your hotel’s needs. Some ATMs can hold $100,000 or more at one time, but unless you have a lot of guests and foot traffic, you may not want to have this much cash on hand at any one time. If you have a larger property, you can also get multiple ATMs for hotels instead of one ATM capable of holding more cash. The best thing to do is call ACME ATM to speak to one of our ATM industry professionals about your property and requirements.

Are There Costs For Getting A Hotel ATM Machine?

The costs for a hotel ATM machine are pretty much up to you. If you’d like to retain all of the profits from the fees that your machine collects, there will be some upfront costs to purchase the machine as well as ongoing fees for ATM processing and any necessary maintenance and services such as cash replenishment, receipt paper replacement, and related tasks. You can also partner with ACME ATM and we’ll install and manage an ATM on your property at no cost to you in exchange for a share of the processing fees the machine collects.

How do I get an ATM for my hotel?

Getting an ATM machine for a hotel, resort, or other hospitality property is fast and easy when you work with ACME ATM. We can place a free ATM on your property, or you can buy a new or used ATM from us. Once we’ve finalized your agreement, we can get your ATM installed and dispensing cash within about one week.

Speak To An ATM Expert

Start Your ATM Journey With Acme

Contact ACME today to speak to an ATM industry expert. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have about starting your ATM business.

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