Acme’s ATM Placement Program

A Convenient Solution for Additional Revenue

We collaborate with business owners and property managers across Florida to develop ATM placement strategies, helping them establish a lasting residual income using ATMs. When partnering with ACME, we take care of the expenses related to ATM and installation, processing, cash vaulting, maintenance, and continuous services. This allows you to enjoy the profits generated by your ATM without dealing with any hassles.

We work with business owners, event planners, and entrepreneurs throughout Florida to develop ATM placement strategies and build long-term residual income with ATM machines.  When you partner with ACME, we cover the costs of equipment, ATM processing, maintenance, and ongoing services, allowing you to realize the profits from your ATM without any of the headaches.

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Florida ATM Placements

A Convenient Solution for Generating Residual Revenue

ATM placements are an easy way for store owners and event organizers to generate additional revenue without having to invest in additional equipment or personnel.

Consultation We’ll discuss your business requirements and determine the optimal location for the ATM within your premises.
Installation Our team will install the ATM machine, ensuring it integrates well with your existing infrastructure.
Maintenance & Support
Maintenance & Support We’ll manage the required maintenance, software updates, and technical support to keep the ATM operating efficiently.
Revenue Sharing
Revenue Sharing You’ll receive a portion of the transaction fees collected by the ATM, creating a low-effort revenue stream.

Get Started Today

Enrolling in an ATM placement program with ACME ATM is fast and easy. Just tell us a little bit about your business and your location, and if you qualify, we’ll put together an ATM placement strategy that will work for you.  Contact us today to see if you qualify.

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Unlock New Revenue Streams For Your Storefront

ATM placement programs are a great way to earn additional monthly revenue without any additional overhead. Contact us today to learn more about earning residual income with an ATM machine.

Our ATM Placement Services

Choosing An ATM Placement Company

Trust & transparency are important in the ATM business, so make sure to do your homework before placing an ATM. Here are a few important things to find out when comparing different ATM placement programs.

  • Are there any installation or maintenance costs?
  • Are there any monthly fees or transaction fees?
  • Does the company keep the ATMs stocked with cash?
  • Can you rely on prompt and fair payouts?
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Partner With ATM Industry Experts

When you partner with ACME ATM, we give you the tools you need to grow. We will cover all of the costs for ATMs, installation, processing, service, and support and we guarantee your ATM is always operational and cash-loaded. We also provide transparent, timely commission payments for all of our partners through an automated system. Ready to take the next step? Contact us now to speak to an ATM expert.

Best Places To Put An ATM

A Few Of Our Most Successful ATM Placement Locations

Here are some examples of businesses that can benefit from our ATM placement program. These establishments, typically experience high profitability and substantial transaction volume. They have proven to be ideal for ATM placements, enhancing accessibility for their customers while generating consistent revenue.

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Convenience Stores

Turn Three Square Feet Into Recurring Revenue

Convenience stores, corner stores, and bodegas make an excellent location for an ATM. Not only can they capitalize on their existing foot traffic, but ATMs are also a great way to draw in new customers.

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Hotels, Motels, & Hostels

Added Convenience With An Upside

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You Provide The Space, We’ll Do The Rest

ATM Placement Solutions

We Can Tailor An ATM Placement Strategy To Almost Any Industry

No matter what industry your business is in, you can likely benefit from our ATM placement program. There is no investment required on your part – all you’ll need to provide is a few square feet of floor space. Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives about whether an ATM placement program is right for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our ATM placement program and related services? Here are a few common ones we hear from prospective partners. If you have any other questions or would prefer to speak with one of our representatives, feel free to give us a call or send us an email.

How do I apply to participate in an ATM placement program?

Applying for our ATM placement program is easy. Just click here to get your application started. We’ll then get in touch to assess your business location, foot traffic, and other factors to determine eligibility and discuss the specific terms of the program.

How much does it cost to participate in an ATM placement program?

The cost to participate in an ATM placement program typically involves no upfront fees for the business. The ATM company covers the installation and maintenance of the machine. Costs incurred by the business may include a small portion of the monthly communication fees and providing a stable location with an electrical outlet.

What types of businesses can participate in ATM placement programs?

Various types of businesses can participate in ATM placement programs, including retail stores, restaurants, bars, hotels, gas stations, and entertainment venues. Any business with sufficient foot traffic, a secure environment, and available space may be eligible for an ATM placement program.

Are ATMs free in an ATM placement program?

ATMs in a placement program are usually provided at no upfront cost to the business, with the ATM company covering the machine’s installation and upkeep. However, customers using the ATM may be charged a transaction fee, part of which is often shared between the business and the ATM company.

What are the benefits of participating in an ATM placement program?

Participating in an ATM placement program offers several benefits, including increased foot traffic, improved customer satisfaction due to cash access, and a potential source of additional revenue through shared transaction fees. Also, the business does not incur the costs and responsibilities associated with buying and maintaining an ATM, as the ATM company handles these aspects.

How do ATM placement programs work?

ATM placement programs work by partnering with businesses that want to offer ATM services at their location. The ATM company installs and manages the machine, taking care of its maintenance, cash replenishment, and necessary updates. In return, the business and ATM company typically share a percentage of the transaction fees generated by the ATM.

Speak To An ATM Expert

Start Your ATM Journey With Acme

Contact ACME today to speak to an ATM industry expert. Our team is standing by to answer any questions you have about starting your ATM business.

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