Genmega ATM Paper

Eight rolls per case

Buy replacement paper for your Genmega ATM. This easy-to-replace paper comes with 8 rolls per case. The rolls are compatible with Hantle/Tranax MB 1700, 1700W, Genmega G1900, G2500, and GT3000 ATM machines.


Paper Dimensions

  • 670′ per roll
  • 2 1/4″ wide
Genmega ATM Paper

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Buy your Genmega ATM paper from ACME buy the box and get a minimum of 8 rolls at a time.

atm paper roll

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Genmega paper rolls be used for custom branding or advertising purposes?

Yes, Genmega paper rolls offer custom printing options, including branding, logos, or promotional messaging. Using custom-printed paper rolls can be a valuable marketing tool, allowing businesses to increase brand recognition or promote special offers to their customers when they receive their receipts. Contact us today to learn more.

How do I replace the paper roll in a Genmega ATM?

Replacing the paper roll in a Genmega ATM involves opening the printer compartment, removing the empty roll, placing the new roll in the correct orientation, and feeding the paper through the machine. Most Genmega ATMs are designed with user-friendly features to simplify the paper roll replacement process. Make sure to consult the user manual for your specific model for the exact instructions.

Do Genmega paper rolls use thermal or bond paper?

Genmega paper rolls generally use thermal paper, as it offers high-quality, inkless printing that is compatible with the thermal print head found in most ATM machines. Thermal paper is the industry standard for most ATMs, providing clear and legible printouts for customer receipts.

What is the price difference between Genmega paper rolls and other brands?

The price difference between Genmega paper rolls and other brands can vary depending on factors such as paper quality, roll length, and quantity discounts. Using the recommended paper for your specific ATM can help maintain optimal performance and reduce the risk of complications or malfunctions related to paper quality.

Is there a minimum order quantity for Genmega paper rolls?

Minimum order quantities for Genmega paper rolls may vary depending on the supplier. Some suppliers offer individual rolls for purchase, while others may require a minimum order of multiple rolls or cases. Be sure to check with the specific supplier for their requirements and policies.

Can I purchase Genmega ATM paper directly from the manufacturer?

Genmega ATM paper rolls can typically be purchased from ATM suppliers like ACME. If you're interested in buying Genmega ATM paper, contact us today.