Hyosung NH-2700CE Series


Innovative user-friendly interface

The Hyosung NH-2700CE Series ATM Machine is the ultimate solution for business owners and operators looking for a reliable, secure, and user-friendly ATM solution. With its sleek design and advanced technology, the NH-2700CE offers a wide range of features and benefits, including a large 10.1-inch color display, high-speed processing, and customizable options to meet the specific needs of your business.

Hyosung NH-2700CE Series ATM Machine

The ATM Industry's Most Reliable Workhorse

The Hyosung NH-2700CE is an advanced ATM machine that has been a reliable workhorse in the industry for many years. Its popularity can be attributed to its high-quality construction, user-friendly design, and visually appealing appearance. Although no longer in production, the NH-2700CE remains an excellent choice for a used ATM, as it meets all industry standards, including EMV, ADA, and PCI compliance.

Hyosung NH-2700CE Series ATM Machine

Classic ATM Design, High-Quality Construction

Cash Capacity

Cash Capacity

A significant advantage of the Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM is its high-capacity note storage able to accommodate up to three removable cassettes to make managing your cash easier.

Durability & Reliability

Durability & Reliability

Ease of maintenance and simplified service routines provide maximum availability and increased uptime with minimal operational intervention.

Maximize Visibility

Maximize Visibility

The built-in LED backlit sign makes this already attractive ATM even more visible. Add a video topper to a stream advertising of your choice to attract more sales and customers.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

The Hyosung 2700 ATM model has a width of 15.9 inches, a depth of 22.8 inches, a height of 56.3 inches, and weighs approximately 205 lbs.

Full Warranty

This ATM comes with options for a manufacturer’s warranty which allows you to keep 100% of the surcharge revenue or a lifetime warranty on all parts and services, and you retain 90% of all surcharge revenue.


  • Height = 52.3”
  • Width = 15.7”
  • Depth = 18.4”
  • Weight = 264.5 lbs.

LCD Screen

  • 10.1″ color Backlit TFT LCD
  • Customizable Ad Screens

Card Reader

EMV card reader

Cash Dispenser

1000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)


Electronic Lock

Integrated Illuminated Screens

High Visiblility LED Sign


Thermal Line 3″

ADA Compliance

  • Voice Guidance
  • Lighted Transaction Guidance
  • Accessible Keypad Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM a popular choice for stand-alone installations?

Yes, the Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM is a great option for stand-alone installations. Its modern design, advanced features, and versatility make it an attractive choice for various retail and business environments.

Are there any specific control boards available for the Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM?

Yes, there is a revised version of the right function key control board available for the Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM. This control board is also compatible with the 2700T and MX5000SE Nautilus Hyosung ATM models.

What kind of paper rolls are compatible with the Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM?

The Hyosung NH-2700CE ATM is compatible with 3 1/8" x 815' heavy-duty thermal paper rolls. These rolls are made with high-quality, BPA-free 48 GSM thermal paper, ensuring crisp and clear images for printed receipts.