Genmega Onyx-P ATM Machine


Latest ATM Technology on the Market

Genmega introduces the Onyx series of ATMs for any ATM environment. With an up-to-date look and a feature set sure to impress, the Onyx provides the latest in ATM technology for any market. Whether in a hotel, club, or gas station, the Onyx ATM will stand out in a location while still looking financial to encourage transactions.

Genmega Onyx Series ATM Machine

Genmega’s Sleek, Upscale ATM Solution

With all of the cassette options and a presenter option, the Onyx is a flexible solution to meet a location’s needs. The Onyx supports all Genmega CDUs and other manufacturers as well, giving a wide variety of dispenser options to tailor the solution to the location.

Genmega Onyx Series ATM Machine

Flexible Solution To Meet a Locations Needs

Space Saving ATM

Space Saving ATM

The space-conscious Onyx-P ATM is engineered for easy installation on a pedestal, offering flexibility in placement and secure cash transactions. Its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and robust security measures guarantee safe and reliable transactions for a diverse customer base.

Top-of-the-Line Security Features

Top-of-the-Line Security Features

Featuring a state-of-the-art security reflective front with touchpad, durable cabinet, and tough exterior, this ATM is suitable for pretty much any location.

Customize Your Onyx-P

Customize Your Onyx-P

The Onyx-P is perfect for retail stores, shops, and grocery stores because it includes some great branding features, such as the ability to easily add your customized screen graphics.

Product Specifications

Boasting a 10.2" wide screen, or an optional 12” touch screen, a security reflective front, and a touch keypad, the Onyx provides the future of ATM technology. The strong cabinet, tough exterior, and security enhancements, however, make it durable enough for any location. An optional 3” printer upgrade allows for graphics and couponing to complete a full ATM product offering.

Product Dimensions

The Onyx-P ATM model by Hyosung has a width of 15.7 inches, a depth of 22.8 inches, a height of 56.3 inches, and weighs around 202 lbs.

LCD Screen

  • 10.2 inch wide 32-bit color
  • Backlit TFT LCD panel
  • 1280×800 Resolution
  • Customizable Ad Screens

Card Reader

EMV card reader

Cash Dispenser

1000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)


Electronic Lock

Integrated Illuminated Screens

High Visiblility LED Sign

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there optional add-ons available for the Genmega Onyx-P ATM?

The Genmega Onyx-P ATM offers a range of optional add-ons, such as a 12-inch touchscreen, additional security features, and custom branding options. These add-ons can help enhance the machine's functionality, security, and user experience, catering to your specific business requirements.

Can the Genmega Onyx-P ATM’s display be customized with advertisements?

Yes, the Genmega Onyx-P ATM features a high-resolution widescreen that can be used to display advertisements, promoting your business or other services. This provides an additional revenue-generating opportunity while enhancing the customer experience.

What is the warranty coverage for the Genmega Onyx-P ATM?

The Genmega Onyx-P ATM comes with a manufacturer's warranty that covers defects in materials and workmanship. For detailed information on the warranty coverage and terms, it is recommended to contact Genmega's customer support team, who will be able to provide you with the specific details for your machine.

What are the dispenser options available for the Genmega Onyx-P ATM?

The Genmega Onyx-P ATM is compatible with a variety of dispenser options, allowing you to tailor the solution to your location's specific needs. You can choose from Genmega CDUs or other manufacturer dispensers to ensure the best fit for your business.

How does the Genmega Onyx-P’s design differ from the Genmega G2500 ATM?

The Genmega Onyx-P ATM is an upgraded version of the popular G2500 model, featuring a sleeker design and improved user experience. The Onyx-P ATM has a high-resolution 10.2-inch widescreen, with an optional 12-inch touchscreen, while the G2500 has an 8-inch TFT-LCD screen.

What are the key features of the Genmega Onyx-P ATM?

The Genmega Onyx-P ATM boasts a high-resolution 10.2-inch widescreen, with an optional 12-inch touchscreen for enhanced user experience[1]. It also features a security reflective front with touch keypads, a durable cabinet, and compatibility with a variety of dispenser options to cater to your location's specific needs.

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