Hyosung HALO II ATM Machine


Best Value in the Industry

Introducing the Hyosung Halo 2 ATM, a state-of-the-art cash dispensing solution designed to cater to various business environments. The Halo 2 is an excellent choice for retail stores, convenience stores, gas stations, and other high-traffic establishments. Its sleek design and innovative technology deliver an unparalleled user experience, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving revenue growth.

Hyosung HALO II ATM Machine

Genmega’s Most Versatile ATM Offering

The space-efficient Halo 2 effortlessly fits into tight locations without sacrificing performance or security. Its user-friendly interface and customizable features make it simple for customers to navigate, while its advanced security measures ensure safe and reliable transactions.

Halo II Hyosung

Flexible Solution To Meet a Locations Needs

Compact Futuristic Design

Compact Futuristic Design

The small footprint makes it an ideal choice for locations with limited space, measuring just 52.6 inches in height, 15.7 inches in width, and 23.4 inches in depth. Despite its compact size, the Halo II does not compromise functionality or security.

Easy To Use & Reliable

Easy To Use & Reliable

Nautilus Hyosung continues to lead the industry in reliability and ease of service. It provides a highly intuitive operator menu program that enables first-time and veteran users to easily operate and service the machine.

Advanced Security Features

Advanced Security Features

The Halo II is equipped with advanced security such as a camera that captures images of users during transactions and stores them alongside the corresponding transaction records.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

The Halo 2 ATM model by Nautilus Hyosung has a width of 15.7 inches, a depth of 22.8 inches, a height of 56.3 inches, and weighs approximately 200 lbs.

Environmentally Friendly

The HALO II is equipped with energy-saving, long-lasting features and parts designed to minimize environmental impact. The system uses components compatible with Nautilus Hyosung’s other retail models, allowing customers to protect their investment in interchangeable spare parts. ATM users also have the paper-saving option of no receipt or screen display of a QR-encoded digital receipt.


Incorporates Nautilus Hyosung modular component architecture designed for high reliability, quick service and maximum accessibility.


  • Height = 54.2”
  • Width = 15.7”
  • Depth = 23.4”
  • Weight = 265 lbs.

LCD Screen

  • 10.1″ color Backlit TFT LCD
  • Customizable Ad Screens

Card Reader

EMV card reader

Cash Dispenser

1000 Note Removable Cassette (SCDU)


Electronic Lock

Integrated Illuminated Screens

High Visiblility LED Sign


Thermal Line 3″


  • Voice Guidance
  • Lighted Transaction Guidance
  • Accessible Keypad Layout

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the Hyosung Halo II ATM?

The Hyosung Halo II ATM has dimensions of 54.2" in height, 15.7" in width, and 23.4" in depth. It weighs approximately 265 lbs, making it a compact and space-efficient option for various retail locations.

What is the Hyosung Halo II’s bill storage capacity?

The Hyosung Halo II ATM can hold up to 4000 notes, making it suitable for high ATM volume locations. This large dispenser capacity ensures that the machine can cater to a higher number of transactions before requiring a refill.

Is the Hyosung Halo II ATM environmentally friendly?

The Hyosung Halo II ATM is designed with energy-saving, long-lasting features and parts that minimize its environmental impact. It also offers paper-saving options such as no receipt or screen display of a QR-encoded digital receipt for customers who prefer eco-friendly alternatives.

How does the Hyosung Halo II ATM ensure secure transactions?

The Halo II ATM ensures secure transactions by offering an improved UL 291 business hours safe with added break-in protection, an EMV card reader, a PCI 3.0 compliant keypad, and secure communications protection using TLS (Transport Layer Security) transmission encryption.

Is the Hyosung Halo II ATM suitable for both small and large retail locations?

The Hyosung Halo II ATM is designed to be suitable for a wide range of retail environments, from small convenience stores to high-end retail locations. Its sleek and modern design, combined with its user-friendly interface and versatile installation options, make it an ideal choice for various business settings.

Does the Hyosung Halo II ATM offer a digital receipt option?

Yes, the Hyosung Halo II ATM has a digtal receipt option that includes a QR code, allowing customers to receive their transaction receipts electronically rather than printing a physical copy. This convenient feature helps reduce paper waste and offers a more environmentally friendly option for customers.