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We Can Place ATMs No Matter Where You Need Them

ACME offers mobile ATMs, providing unparalleled convenience for short-term events like festivals, fairs, and conferences. With our dependable and secure mobile ATMs, we ensure smooth transactions for attendees, no matter the location or size of your event. Elevate your event experience and increase your profit margins with ACME’s customized mobile.

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The Benefits of Mobile ATMs

We should be able to establish a pretty good estimate for your weekly cash requirements on our initial call. We will then set up a regular cash replacement schedule so that your machine is always fully stocked with cash. Don’t worry – we can always modify the schedule to make it more or less frequent as needed.

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ATM Placement Solutions

We Can Tailor An ATM Placement Strategy To Almost Any Industry

No matter what industry your business is in, you can likely benefit from our ATM placement program. There is no investment required on your part – all you’ll need to provide is a few square feet of floor space. Contact us today to speak to one of our representatives about whether an ATM placement program is right for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we hear from our partners and clients about starting an ATM business. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to learn more about buying ATMs.

How much does it cost to rent a mobile ATM?

The costs to rent a mobile ATM will depend on the type of machines being rented, how many machines you’re renting, the location of your event, and whether any additional services are required. The alternative to renting an ATM is to partner with an ATM company like ACME that covers all of the costs associated with placing ATMs at your event in exchange for a part of the fees collected.

Who sets the fees for a mobile ATM?

If the mobile ATM is placed at a special event or festival, the festival organizer is who will set the ATM fees.  If the event organizer is working in partnership with an ATM company like ACME, the ATM company may adjust those fees to ensure profitability.

Is it safe to use a mobile ATM?

Mobile ATMs are generally safe to use, as they are usually equipped with the same, if not better, security features similar to traditional ATMs. However, it’s essential to follow general ATM safety guidelines, such as covering the keypad while entering your PIN, ensuring the machine does not appear tampered with, and being aware of your surroundings during the transaction.

What are the benefits of using a mobile ATM?

Mobile ATMs offer several benefits, including convenience, increased cash flow at events or businesses, and better access to financial services in remote areas or during emergencies. By bringing ATM services to locations where a permanent ATM might not be feasible, mobile ATMs help ensure that customers have easy access to their funds, promoting spending and helping to support local commerce.

How do mobile ATMs work?

Mobile ATMs work similarly to traditional ATMs but are designed to be portable, typically installed in a vehicle or a small booth. They are equipped with wireless communication capabilities that connect them to the banking network, allowing users to perform transactions using their bank cards. Once the card is inserted and the PIN is entered, the mobile ATM verifies the transaction with the user’s bank and dispenses the requested amount of cash.

What is a mobile ATM?

A mobile ATM, also known as a portable ATM, is a cash dispensing machine that can be placed in locations such as events or festivals for temporary use.  Mobile ATMs provide on-the-go financial services to customers, allowing them to withdraw cash, check account balances, and perform other transactions without visiting a fixed-location bank or ATM.

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